Julian is looking for a Studio / Apartment / Room in Wageningen

Julian is looking for: A Studio / Apartment / Room in Wageningen

  • Studio / Apartment / Room
  • Min. 20 m2
  • Male
  • 28 Immediately

Dear future landlord,
my name is Julian Hein.
I am 27 years old and German by origin. During the past six years, I have worked in the Healthcare sector in Germany and in Italy at the Headquarter of a Global pharmaceutical company.
During the month of August, I am living in Germany, not too far from Wageningen (approx. 2h car ride). Therefore, I could come over for an apartment visit.
I have decided to quit my job to start the Master program Communication, Health and Life Sciences at the WUR on September 1st. During the time of my Master, I will continue to work on consultancy basis for the previous company. So, a steady income should be secured :)
Besides this, I am a friendly, nice guy, that enjoys cultural differences and good relationships. I am clean, calm and responsible.
I have lived in shared flats (2-6 flat mates) from 18-24 years of age and started to enjoy living alone from 25-27 years of age.
I would very much welcome your openness of considering me as a tenant.

General information: Julian
  Male, 27 years old
Type of tenant: Student
  1st study year Communication, Health and Life Sciences, MSc (University)